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Sugar Land Apartments

Sugar Land is located southwest of Houston. It is the fastest-growing city in Texas, growing more than 158 percent in the last decade. And before you move here, you will have to find a rental. Sugar Land apartments offer only the finest amenities, fitness centers and recreational facilities, large closets, and private garages are common.

It’s all about the master planned communities in Sugar Land

The city boasts several master-planned communities and award winning schools, outstanding libraries and civic organizations. But what is a master planned community?  It’s simply a large collection of homes that were planned well in advance of construction.  Usually the land is undeveloped. These areas also come with a lot of additional amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise find.   These included golf courses, jogging trails and even pools.

That is one reason why Sugar Land is full of neighborhoods featuring large green-space, lakes, and plenty of golf courses. One of the largest in the area, Imperial Sugar Land, encompasses 720 acres and boasts all the residential and commercial elements that attribute to it’s personality and charisma. Renters will find townhomes for rent in Sugar Land and patio homes will plenty of custom work and rich amenities that lead to a happy lifestyle.

Living in Sugar Land apartments is truly a great option to live, work, and raise a family. And the population, hovers near 80,000 residents. Some of the other well known master planned Sugar Land communities are Avalon, First Colony, and Lake Pointe Town Center. Moreover, the housing is affordable and property values are relatively strong.

What type of Sugar Land apartment rental is best for you

If you want plenty of rental options, be sure to check home and Sugar Land lofts during your search. Although Sugar Land does boast a wide range of apartments to choose from, you may be wanting more. And there are plenty of private rentals to select. If you don’t like tight spaces, houses boast sufficient square footage and front and backyards. That’s not to say that an apartment community is any less desirable. The latter does provide business and fitness centers, plus the opportunity to meet friendly neighbors. That’s why you give yourself plenty of time to find that right space.

You can find an apartment to rent in a day, but you probably want to give yourself time to browse many different options. So it might be a good idea to start searching out at least 4 weeks before your want to sign your actual lease. Many apartments in Sugar Land will know their availability 8 weeks out. There can be a lot of competition with regards to apartments, so the sooner you can get out there, the better. Really there are not a lot of communities to choose from. So be sure to have all of your documents in order for fast approval. Need more options? Try nearby Stafford

In the Market for a House

It’s no secret that this city is a great place to put down some roots. Of course it will depend on your budget, but averages prices for a home begin in the mid $300’s. There are various neighborhoods to choose from and you can also secure housing that is under the $300k range. Luxury homes are also in demand with prices starting over 1 million dollars.

Don’t forget if you rent a home you will need to put down a larger deposit. Also usually a longer lease term will be required.

The Rent or Buy Question:

There are both pros and cons to each. But there is not a correct answer here. If you purchase a Sugar Land home you will be responsible for things like property taxes and homeowners association fees and maintenance.  You should know that each subdivision in Sugar Land will have its own tax rate. 

Rent a place and you can avoid all of those things. Many will say that renting is throwing away money. But you need a place to live don’t you. That’s assuming that real estate always goes up and there is a buying ready to pay the price you are asking.

Many of you request specific elementary, middle, and high schools.  You will also need to find out which schools the home or Sugar land apartments are zoned to before you sign your lease.

What activities you can do around Sugarland

After hours residents can stop by Sherlock’s or Baker’s Street Pub. Both places offer a place where you can enjoy drinks and have several televisions that customers can enjoy watching their favorite sporting event. First Colony Mall is the shopping destination in the city. It’s located right near the intersection of Highway 59 & 6. Not only is it home to anchor retailers like Macy’s and Dillard’s. It also has an AMC movie theater.

Rental amounts of Sugar Land apartments are not as high as nearby Houston . It continues to be one of the safest cities, with one of the lowest rates of crime. This low crime rate is expected to position Sugar Land as one of the safest cities (Texas), with populations above 75,000.

If you need something a little more flashy, or want to get out of town, the Galleria shopping district is but a short commute from Sugar Land. Downtown Houston, the Greenway Plaza, and Rice University can be reached via Highway 59.

Many Sugar Land apartments are starting to show their age. Another great alternative is Richmond. This nearby city has lots of new construction to choose. The pricing is also extremely affordable. You can actually find a newer apartment community that is cheaper than its Sugar Land counterpart.

Popular Sugar Land neighborhoods to consider

Sweetwater Blvd/Greystone Way

Composed of large and medium homes, as well as apartment complexes, this is one of the most expensive areas to choose from. Many homes were built after 2000 and well a large majority after 1970. The majority of residents are well educated and hold executive positions and the individual homes will hold their value extremely well.

Sugar Creek

An interesting fact about this neighborhood is its ethnic makeup. A large majority of its residents are from both an Austrian and Arab background. Homes here were not all primarily constructed in one decade, but were erected in no discernible time frame. There is strong demand for housing in the area which may lead to new construction or you can expect prices to increase.

First Colony

Prices here are some of the lowest within the neighborhoods that encompass Sugar Land. But there are areas that boast homes that are extremely expensive as we’ll. There are a myriad of subdivisions, and each will have their distinctive price. You will discover plenty of parks, lakes, and many walking paths. And if you work in downtown Houston, your commute will be under 25 minutes.


If your searching for something a little newer, than this neighborhood might be for you.  Telfair boasts hundreds of acres for parks, lakes, swimming, pools. And get this. There is public FIFI access. You also get some of the best schools as well. Property tax rates are some of the highest in Sugar Land.  

You will need your own vehicle to get around Sugar Land, The public transportation system isn’t great. But you will get a break from the traffic, as is’t not too bad. There is still plenty to do here. Golf courses and hiking and biking options are just around the corner from apartments in Sugar Land TX. And you won’t have to deal with the congestion and noise that Houston has.

If your plan on choosing a private rental near Sugar Land, expect to pay the first and last month’s rent. It’s always a good idea to rent before you buy. And renting apartments can be a great options for just that. It gives you the opportunity to survey the area before you commit to buy. Remember that apartments in Sugar Land will run a complete background check. But they won’t require a large deposit that most Sugar Land landlords require. Also most apartments will have an on-site maintenance crew to make any repairs to your Sugar Land rental.

Searching for an apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. Chances are you have tried Zillow or Apartment Finder. But many times they don’t show you everything out in the market place. That’s why we are here to assist you along the way. And we can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Don’t worry about having to call the apartments and dance though a laundry list of questions with the leasing staff.

Be sure to contact RentKids for your apartment needs. Whether you looking for luxury apartments in Sugar Land TX, or one that has options with a yard, our agents can send you detailed listings that meet your specifications.