Apartments in Stafford TX

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Stafford TX Apartments

Stafford’s population has swelled over the years for many of the same reasons as its neighbors.  It’s hard to believe that about 100 years ago the population numbered just 100. Today over 17, 000 call it their home. The area is named after William Stafford. He had a plantation with both a cotton gin and cane mill.

Stafford lies mostly around Fort Bend County while a small portion lie in Harris County. It is known as a “bedroom community; it is primarily residential whereby most residents commute outside of the area to earn their livelihood.

This city has lots of pros like a low cost of living and a very low tax rate. It has absolutely no property tax. The Stafford area is bustling with office parks, and has lots of land that is currently undeveloped. The only real disadvantage of living around Stafford might be the location. It’s highly residential, and there can be some traffic, but nothing like the city of Houston. If you like plenty of retail shopping and restaurants, then you may want to look elsewhere for a place. You will either have to head into Sugar Land or heat east towards Houston for the latter activities.

Some major corporations also have operations here, such as UPS, Tyco, and Texas Instruments. There are 2 major thoroughfares in the area, Highway 59 and Beltway 8. Hwy 59 is the main highway that connects Stafford to Houston. If you work in the downtown area there will be some traffic as you head into town.

Even though it may seem small, it does boast its own shopping center named the Fountains on the Lake.  If residents decide they need a larger experience, the Houston galleria mall is just a short drive away. If you like Stafford apartments that are away from the hustle and bustle of a major city, then this city may be just what you need.

Did you know that nearby Sugar Land has its own airport. It handles only a couple hundred flights per day. The majority of them are for private and governmental use. The main airports for civilians are William P Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Parks and Recreation

What Stafford doesn’t lack is an abundance of greenspace.  There are over 35 acres that have been dedicated to municipal parks. These parks will include playgrounds, softball fields, basketball courts, and jogging trails. Vaccaro Manor Park is pet friendly and even includes a quarter mile jogging trail accompanied by lights.

More about apartments in Stafford

Apartments provide tenants with high end amenities like resort style pools, granite countertops, and vaulted ceilings. Many of the newly constructed Stafford apartments have created an oasis many renters have not experienced before.

But maybe renting apartments is not conducive to your lifestyle. There are plenty of residential homes that you can rent or buy . Hiring a realtor who specializes around the area may be another option that fits your needs.

Getting Around Stafford

Living near Stafford apartments will require that you drive a vehicle, as the city is not walkable at all. If your new to the area,  or need to secure apartments here, be sure to contact one of our apartment locators. They will be more than happy to assist you locate the Stafford apartments of your choosing There are a variety of apartments that should be your needs.

Festivals and Events

Living in a smaller town like Stafford doesn’t mean that there aren’t a fair share of social events to mark on you calendar. The Hot Sauce Festival is a yearly event. Vendors gather from all parts of the country and showcase their products. These include items like salsas, hot sauces, jams, and even arts and crafts. There is a small charge for each individual.

Features and Amenities

Stafford apartments will boast high end feature and affordable pricing that you will come to enjoy. So whether you need apartments with a washer and dryer, or something that will accept pets, there is something near Stafford available.

The good thing about many Stafford apartments here; they are new. So you shouldn’t come across too many maintenance issues. Maintenance can be a huge headache, especially when those issues aren’t taken care of quickly. And new apartments in apartments in Stafford TX, mean energy efficient construction and generally lower energy usage. It’s a good idea to start searching to secure apartments sooner, rather than later. There is a high demand for rentals in Stafford. Many residents around the area are renters, and apartments in Stafford TX can be hard to come by. Private Stafford rentals may also be an option of you. But whether you choose a private home or choose to lease Stafford apartments, you will need the property documentation to get approved fast.

It’s always a good idea to bring all your credentials with you,  if you do decide to apply. Cheap apartments in Stafford TX go fast, and it’s prudent to act quickly so you can get the home you want. You should know the majority of management companies will run your credit and check your background. Don’t worry, that’s just the normal protocol that they follow. And it never hurts to apply at more than one property. Yes you will lose your application fee if you choose to cancel, but at least you will secure a rental just in case you come back later and it has already been leased. Nothing is wrong with having a backup plan.

Lack of Stafford apartments

You also will notice that there aren’t that many apartments with a Stafford address. You might find that finding availability that you desire won’t be that easy. It’s always a bonus to be flexible. If you travel a little bit further down road you will find yourself in Sugar Land. Go south and you with run into Missouri City. And of course Houston is just a few miles down the road. You might want to consider all of these options as well. 

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