Apartments in Valley Ranch Irving TX

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Valley Ranch Apartments in Irving, TX 

Valley Ranch is another master planned community which is also a suburb of Irving and gets its name because it was the former site of a ranch that we located underneath a ridge. It’s a community that is mainly a collection of residences including single family homes and Valley Ranch apartments. So what will you see if you travel to Valley Ranch? Well you should know that that the population of residents in the city exceeds over 30 thousand. That’s actually not too large of a number considering the total population of Texas and some of its major metropolitan areas. There are over 20 apartment communities and thousands of single family homes, many of which are rentable.

So you can see as a prospective renter, your just not limited to apartments for rent. But what Valley Ranch does have are plenty of parks, ponds, and trails. It also has a thorough network of canals that help prevent any major flooding. It’s pretty much mandatory that you visit Champion Trail in Irving. It encompasses 10 miles of running and walking trails that are a favorite of many in the area. So if your the avid outdoorsman type, this might be the perfect place for you. If you have kids that will be attending school, Valley Ranch features 3 different elementary schools and one middle and high school. So you can see the area is more close knit than you might have thought.

Things to do around Valley Ranch

Since it’s on the doorsteps of Irving, your going to be within range of many mega-businesses including Nokia and Exxon Mobile. If you’re a foodie, then there will be no limit to what you can enjoy. Of course barbecue and Mexican food are huge in Texas. Your going to have your big brand fast food chains and of course fine dining. It’s just going to take a little research on your part to find out what you enjoy.

Valley Ranch boundaries lie in Irving. There are more than 40 parks that cover thousands of acres. Hiking, biking, and swimming are just a few of the activities available to residents.

Sam Houston Trail Park is a huge paved trail that covers many miles. A portion borders Elm Fork Trinity River. Its common to see bikers and rollerbladers along the trail.

Finding the prefect Valley Ranch Apartments

If your have been searching specifically for apartments in Valley Ranch TX, you have come to the right place. Many potential renters want to know how much they need to budget for an apartment home. It’s a good bet to budget for at least $900 or more  for a one bedroom apartment home. The good news is that the large majority of options are built from the mid 90’s and on.  This isn’t the place to find affordable housing. You probably will need to look elsewhere. Nearby Las Colinas is even more expensive and will features communities that are extremely modern.

Also if your from out of state, it gets really hot in Valley Ranch. Before you lease your next apartment home, ask your leasing agent what the estimated utility bills will be during the summer months. Remember that many Valley Ranch apartments will price their units daily.  Valley Ranch apartments are now pricing their apartments as though an airline would price tickets. So if they are running a special on their property and you leave and come back the next day, that same rate may not be available. This process is sometimes frustrating for renters. And although the apartment community will maintain it’s best for everyone, some renters do disagree.

Due to this new pricing structure, you will want to have all of your documentation available so you can reserve the apartment home. This means having proper identification, a form of acceptable payment and references if requested. Losing out on an apartment home because you chose not to act is a mistake that you want to avoid if at all possible.

Why the Valley Ranch area is so popular

The great thing about living in Texas are the mild winters. Wearing short sleeves and shorts sure can be convenient. There is also plenty to do in North Texas. There are a myriad of sports franchises, lakes, amusement parks, a plethora of shopping, and more restaurants than you could dine in a lifetime.

Why Choose Rentkids

Rather than scroll through endless websites, we can offer you a very efficient way to secure your next place. Our agents are privy to luxury Valley Ranch apartments and pet friendly options. We even know which ones offer the best incentives.