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Find the top Midtown Houston Apartments

Houston Midtown apartments cater to young working professionals. Apartments in Midtown Houston are located southwest of Downtown and are bordered by Neartown and Highway 59. Midtown was the only district (Texas) to experience negative growth from 1980 to 1990. But as of late, this area has experienced a growth around retail, commercial, and residential construction. Many communities are also located next to the city’s light rail, and offer an easy commute towards the Texas Medical Center. Clear Lake is accessible via I-45 to the South and Humble and Kingwood Texas towards the North. Many residents moving to the Houston area  choose ever popular Midtown Houston apartments as their home.
Although the neighborhood has transformed into a “hot” spot full of restaurants, clubs, and boutiques, it was not always this way. Around the 1970’s it was a neighborhood that was shaped and occupied by Vietnamese Americans. Many popular streets such as Travis and Milam closely mirrored Saigon.

However, around 1995 the city of Houston implemented the (TIRZ). This led to the establishment of high end Houston Midtown apartments like Post Midtown Square and other town-home projects. And the decade between 1990 and 2000 the area saw a huge surge in population from just about 3,000 to over 5,300 residents.

Why Midtown Houston apartment rentals fetch higher rents

With new high end construction of Houston Midtown apartments, this has resulted in higher rents for both businesses and residential areas. And these high rents have led to the decline of the number of Vietnamese businesses today. Some might blame the recent construction of Midtown Houston apartments, town-homes, and new establishments as the cause.

Today there are several new apartment communities. Midtown Houston apartments charge some of the highest rents per square foot around the entire city. If you drive around the area today you can see a vast amount of clubs, bars, and residential areas. The demand continues to surge as many would-be renters call this neighborhood home.

The good news is that you can leave your car at home if you intend on visiting many of the establishments in the area. Your going to get that full urban experience right here. Your going to be the envy of your friends and family. Midtown is bordered by I-45 to the north and Highway 50 to the south. The Medical Center and Museum District are directly south of Midtown and have their own personality and culture. Midtown is also centrally located. You will be around the corner from employment centers, airports, and more entertainment than you can possibly imagine.

Remember that Midtown represents a small space. The area is bordered to the north by Downtown, Montrose to the West, and Highway 59 to the south. There is really nothing to the east so don’t venture that way. Many residents never have to leave the area except for work. Many believe that everything you could possible need in the form of arts, culture, and entertainment is right outside your door. 

midtown apartments for rent

Shopping, bars, clubs, and other Midtown entertainment

If your looking for a great after hours scene with lots of places to eat, drink, and have fun, then Midtown is probably for you. If you haven’t lived in an urban area previously, then you will be in a bit of a shock. How about leaving you new home and walking a few blocks. Leaving your car at home has never felt so good. There are always new places opening and residents from all over the city embark to Midtown.

Randall’s Grocery store offers the only grocery store option for tenants to complete their shopping needs. Spec’s Liquor store serves the needs of many of the bars and tenants. The area has also experienced vast growth of various bars and clubs. Pub Fiction; one of the area’s most popular destinations; headlines the group of establishments. Other popular restaurants and stores include Buffalo Wild Wings and numerous bars like the Midtown Drinkery. Whole Foods has opened a relatively new location near Waugh an West Dallas. This brand is popular among many shoppers and isn’t far away.

Living here offers another bonus, tenants who have had a little to much to drink can walk home. There are a high density of Midtown apartments Houston to choose from. Be sure to launch a plan of attack when searching for your next home.  It’s a good idea to create a list of places and start narrowing down the number of properties one by one.

Recently the area just west of Midtown has also seen several new high Houston apartments open its doors for business.  Many would be renters are now selecting locations near the Downtown and Midtown area as their future residence. This has led to declines with regards to vacancies and an upward trend in rents. Residents are right next to the middle of the action. There is never a dull moment. And with the convenience of the light rail, you can get around the city without having to drive a vehicle. This is why living near Midtown Houston apartments is so desirable.

How much does it cost to rent Midtown Houston apartments

Midtown apartments Houston fetch some of the highest rents around the entire city. Gone are the days of renting something for under $1000 per month. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars more than that for a one bedroom. 2 bedrooms will cost in the the high $1300’s and even higher in most cases. Many Midtown apartments Houston provide you with a some of the best nightlife and entertainment in the city. Again, if you desire to walk to a number of bars, clubs, and restaurants, or like to be in the middle of lots of action,  then this destination might be perfect for you.

If your shocked by the high pricing and it’s a little out of your budget, look south for better deals. Check out the Medical Center area for cheaper rents. You can acquire rentals there for $700-$800. A good rule of thumb, older properties tend to charge less than their newer counterparts. But if your heart is set on Midtown, try the Ventana at Midtown; it offers some of the most competitive rates for rentals in the area.

The large majority of Midtown Houston apartments are now charging for pet rent plus additional fees that are non-refundable. It’s simply a new avenue of money that properties have found. There is really no getting around it. If you have the money to afford Midtown Houston apartments of rent, there is nothing else like it in the city.

Looking for private Houston Midtown apartments

There isn’t much to see when it comes to renting a private place. There are many townhomes in the area, but most are privately owned. You might get lucky and run into an owner who is trying to lease out their place. That might for good for those of you who desire more privacy and square footage. Remember that when you opt for a private rental, that the upfront fees are almost higher. In many cases you will be required to put up both your first and last months rent, and possibly an additional security deposit.  Maintenance issues may require more patience on your part. Sometimes items are not repaired as quickly.

But a private place does have its advantages. For one, you usually get more square footage for your dollar.  Also you can expect more privacy.

If your searching for affordable apartments in Midtown Houston, you have come to the right place. Be sure to view the photos of various apartment homes below. Renters can choose among many Midtown apartments Houston, complete with all the bells and whistles. There are many great rentals to choose from. Camden Travis and 2222 Smith are some of the more popular Midtown Houston apartments for rent.

Features and Amenities

Upscale apartment homes always introduce new options. Many Midtown Houston apartments under $1000 can be secured. Lavish new modern communities boast sleek granite counters, high ceilings, and open style floor-plans.  But what’s really exciting and are the club style amenities many of the newer complexes showcase. Expect gym style fitness centers, resort style pools with tanning shelves, conference rooms, and WiFI. Developers are trying to give you many reasons why you should rent Midtown Houston apartments.

Why a Midtown locator might be for you

An apartment finder service might be just what your looking for. They have a database of Midtown apartments Houston they can send to you via email. And they are usually free and even can provide you with a cash rebate in exchange for using their service. They are constantly in contact with the properties in the area and are up to date on availability, pricing, specials, and much more. Of course you might be thinking that you can find a community on your own. And of course you can, but if you like deals and other spiffs, it can’t hurt to see what else is out there. Especially for those of us who have busy lives, it can be helpful.

A locator can also narrow down the field for you. Touring apartments can be extremely exhausting, and after viewing 2 or 3, it can be difficult to remember which properties you actually viewed. Of course you have probably browsed through a zillion apartment sites that list row after row of properties. Why not give us a try.