Apartments in Fort Worth TX

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400 S Jennings Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104   The Southside area of Fort Worth offers a harmonious blend of culture, entertainment,…

When you select the Vue Du Musee apartments in Fort Worth, your opting for lavish amenity packages and interiors. This luxury community…

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fort worth apartments for rent

Find the Top Fort Worth Apartments

Looking for your next place around Fort Worth? Luckily for you we can show you the top Fort Worth apartments for rent in the entire city. Residents can choose from many options. Cheap Apartments in Fort Worth TX will come with a variety of floor-plans to choose from. And whether you prefer high rises, lofts, or just regular old flats, you can get everything you need here and more.

Living in Fort Worth here provides you with plenty of nearby suburbs which may also fit right into your plans. The more options you have available will make your search a breeze.

Fun in Fort Worth

The first thing you should know, Fort Worth provides fun and activities for the whole family. You will find out that you can do just about anything if your will to get in your vehicle and drive a short distance. And speaking of cars, you will need your own to get around Fort Worth. Just like the majority of Texas, there transportation system isn’t great. The “T” does provide some viable options (more on that later).

With an assortment of museums, water parks, baseball at the Ball Park at Arlington, chances are you can find something that you enjoy. Although Fort Worth (around 700,000 people) doesn’t have the population as its nearby neighbor Dallas, you still will have plenty of authentic barbecue restaurants, and plenty of nightlife that will certainly keep you occupied.

Downtown has its popular destinations such as Sundance Square. It’s a portion of the city that is home to live events, performances, and many popular restaurants. This portion of downtown encompasses 35 blocks of fun complete with additional late night spots and galleries which make it one of the most sought after portions of Fort Worth. And complete with lush courtyards and red brick streets, there is no doubt you will want to spend a significant amount of time while your visiting Fort Worth.

Be sure and visit the Cultural District; its just a few minutes west of downtown and is home to museums that showcase art, history and more, all surrounded by a park. A don’t miss the fantastic display of animals at the nearby Fort Worth Zoo and jogging opportunities around Trinity Park.

If you didn’t already know it, this north Texas city has blossomed into a business mecca that has many opportunities in the oil industry. What was once a center for cattle and ranches has surely changed. The downtown area is highly walkable. If your employer or school is located in the area, you might be one of those lucky few who might be able to walk to your final destination. That’s what makes downtown Fort Worth so popular. There is so much within reach right outside your doorstep.

This city is also nearby a plethora of green belts, golf courses, and stunning lakes. So whether you enjoy hiking or biking, or a myriad boating activities, you will have everything from the doorsteps of your new apartments in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Dog parks

Fort Worth has 2 different dog parks to choose from. These are great places to take your pets

Zbonz: This 10 acre park has sections for both large and small dogs. There are also fountains and 2 ponds that are perfect for pets of all sizes.

Fort Woof: This park has 3.4 acre section for large dogs and a 1.6 acre portion for small ones. There are shaded areas, water stations, and shaded portions. It’s not wonder why it’s so popular. 

So now that you what is the next step? Start by viewing a number of Fort Worth apartments right now. You will be able to view high resolution photos, map locations, numerous floor-plans, and of course the pricing around Fort Worth today. If your searching for something a little newer, you will find upgrades like wood flooring and granite counters. Downtown Fort Worth has the highest concentration of apartments around the city. It’s perfect for students who attend TCU. Always tour a few all bills paid apartments in Fort Worth to get an idea of what’s out there before you sign your next lease. Many Fort Worth apartments will offer perks when you sign a lease.

Great Neighborhoods with lots of apartments in Fort Worth

Not sure which neighborhood in Fort Worth is right for you? The truth is it can be hard to find that place that will fit your personality and your tastes. But if you look hard enough it shouldn’t be too difficult to find apartments in Fort Worth TX  that you will come to love. Keep reading to learn about some neighborhoods that might mean music to your ears.

downtown fort worth skyline

Sundance Square/Downtown:

Look no further than Downtown Fort Worth, if you want the best selection of apartments. Here you will find the most options and it surely has the highest density of units in the entire city. There are a plethora of reason why you might desire this area. For example, downtown is very walkable. Imagine walking outside your doorstep and immediately be in the midst of entertainment. From restaurants, to shops, to the urban scene, soak in the the skyscrapers and the magnificent scenery.

TCU area

Popular among students, who wouldn’t want to live near the university they are attending. Did you know that TCU is just five miles from Downtown Fort Worth. And its in walking distance to the zoo. Be sure and visit University Park Village. Here you will find plenty of retailers like an Apple retail store and Banana Republic. Enjoy a stroll, coffee, or just a breath of fresh air.


Looking for something a little different? This area has been buzzing as of late and boasts live music venues, plenty of restaurants to choose from, and breweries. What’s not to love. And the majority of it is within walking distance. The south-side is also home to the Medical District. There has been a large amount of development. If you were around here 20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t want to live here. But with all the investment, developers have transformed it, into something very desirable.


The Stockyards has a vibrant and detailed history. In the 1800’s it used to be somewhat of an outpost. Millions of cattle and supplies were sent north and this was the last stopping point before the frontier. Today it’s full of saloons, rodeos, restaurants, and attractions that are perfect for the family.

And don’t forget about the outlying suburban areas. The “T” offers transportation from many of these outlying areas via rail car and bus that can help you avoid the congestion of the highways. Just be sure to check the schedules and areas that are serviced. Why not ditch your care and the stress and relax on your commute!

Camp Bowie District

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, and it offers a myriad of restaurants and stores. If your interested in this part of the city, you will need your own car to get around. But it’s just a few minutes drive if your coming from the downtown area. With several blocks of shopping, you can spend all day here are more!

How much are 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX?

If your searching near the downtown area, be sure to budget at least $1000 per month. 2 bedrooms will be more expensive but if you can split the bills with a roommate, you stand to save quite a bit of money. It gets super hot in the summers. Be sure and ask your leasing agent about the typical electricity bill. Many new Fort Worth apartments boast energy efficient construction, double pane windows, and high energy efficient air conditioning systems that might fit your budget.

More about private Fort Worth apartment rentals

As with most major cities, your going to have your fair share of private condos and houses. You should know that the deposits are normally at least equal to 1 months rent for these latter types of rentals. For those of you who are moving in West or North Fort Worth, these options might be feasible for you.

Lastly be prepared for the weather. The winters are extremely mild, and for those of you coming from the north, this may be welcomed. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have the occasional snow and ice storm! The humidity during the summer months and the high heat can put a damper on your outdoor plans. Just be sure to drink lots of water if your prepared to spend a lot of time outside.

Tornadoes are not something you want to see, but Fort Worth does sit in tornado alley. Just keep your eyes open for changing weather in north Texas.

Fort Worth offers a little bit of something for everyone. Whether its touring 1 or all of the 6 museums in the Culture District, or relaxing out by a nearby lake, or just enjoying one of the fine restaurants in Sundance Square, sitting at home isn’t an option anymore.

There are a number of reasons why so many residents are leasing Fort Worth apartments. With walk-able portions of the city, a friendly atmosphere, and great public transportation, Fort Worth attracts residents from all over. And combined with a hot job market, sports teams, food, and entertainment, it’s no wonder people are choosing Fort Worth as their permanent address.

Fort Worth Apartment Locator

If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to contact one of an apartment locator Fort Worth. We can surely point you towards the right direction. And since we contact Fort Worth apartments on a daily basis, we know the best deals too. Many renters believe that an apartment finder chargers you a fee. However, this is not true. The apartment owners actually will pay the locators fee as long as the applicant lists the name of the agent on the referral section of the application. And in almost all cases this will not raise the applicant’s rent in any manner. Be sure to ask your agent if they provide any gift cards or incentives for doing so!