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Dallas Rentals are Everywhere

If your moving to Dallas, then congratulations on moving to one of the most exciting metropolitan areas in the entire country. Where can we start? You should know that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area covers hundreds of miles, You will find a myriad malls, professional sports teams, employment centers, and tall skyscrapers. And hidden among all this real estate, are plenty of neighborhoods and Dallas apartments with their own personality and charisma.

Living here provides residents with a plethora of activities, destinations, and fun for the entire family. Also if you choose the right suburb, you might have access to public transportation. The Dart is a system of buses and rail cars that have specific pickup and drop off points. And anytime you can avoid the heavy traffic around Dallas, this can be a extremely convenient form of transportation. There are many Dallas apartments that are adjacent to Dart rail cars.

Its also nice to know that Dallas is home to two airports. The larger Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is located northwest of the city, while Dallas Love Field is a bit closer to the city center.

So why are so many residents moving to the Dallas area. For one, the business climate is nothing but excellent. And people always flock to the good job markets. Dallas is home to many fortune 500 companies. Some of the larger names are Exxon Mobile, AT&T and American Airlines.

dallas cowyboy stadium

And Dallas offers an urban environment that is complete with shopping districts, sports teams, plenty of hiking and biking trails for those who lead an active life, and gorgeous stunning nearby lakes. If you love basketball or hockey, both the Dallas Stars and Mavericks home is located near downtown Dallas inside the American Airlines Arena.

You should also be aware the Dallas is hot, like most of north Texas. It is not abnormal for the region to experience numerous and consecutive days above 100 degrees. When your looking for apartments in Dallas TX, always remember the utility bills add on to your monthly payments. The winter snowstorms have previously brought the city to a halt. Chance are you will be using your heater in the colder months.

Dallas apartments appear around nearby neighborhoods and the inner city. As the population has exploded, so have the number of new apartments in Dallas for rent. From nearby McKinney to Arlington, it easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of rentals.

Target districts with affordable Dallas apartments

With any apartment search, the first item on your list should be to locate potential neighborhoods and areas that might interest you. Just in case there is a shortage of cheap apartments in Dallas TX, or they are out of your price range, its always a good idea to have a few backup areas. Unlike other smaller cities, Dallas is enormous and narrowing down the location should be your top priority.

If you haven’t rented any apartments previously, you will be happy to know that Dallas apartments offer new features and amenities that you may have never encountered before. And with stunning upgrades like granite counters in kitchens and bathrooms, wood flooring, and high ceilings, you might feel that your sort of in your own personal custom home. Many Dallas apartments are also pet friendly. Just be sure to ask your leasing agent about breed restrictions and pet weight limits.

Popular Dallas neighborhoods with plenty of apartments

Some of the highest concentrations of Dallas apartments lie near Uptown and Downtown. Many popular areas also include Oak Lawn, and Deep Ellum. Here you will find plenty of retail and nightlife. You can literally step outside your residence and in a matter of minutes be near the midst of clubs, bars, and retailers. People absolutely love it here. You can find high rises, condos, and regular flats. You should also know that rentals in Uptown charge some of the highest rates in the city. It’s not uncommon to have rental rates for 1 bedroom Dallas apartments in the $1600 or $1700 range. If you are searching for Dallas loft style apartment homes be sure to check downtown and Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum

You can find Deep Ellum just east of the downtown area. It’s one of the more unique portions of the city and has a colorful past and history that make it well known among the residents.

A large portion of cheap lofts in Dallas exist here and might be perfect for you. The neighborhood today boasts plenty of arts and entertainment. You can find and secure apartments in the $800 range,  and even lower which makes it an extremely affordable area. The majority of rentals here are loft style, and with a large assortment of renowned restaurants. It’s a popular destination that attracts people from all over the city.


The Dallas Downtown area usually has had an interesting past, and with many recent changes, has drawn many renters who now call the area home. Downtown has always had large industrial building that housed telephone companies and other industrial types. Recently though developers have taken steps to change all this. Many older buildings have been converted into Dallas lofts complete with rooftop pools, awesome view of the city limits and best of all, extremely affordable apartments. Did you know you can rent Downtown Dallas apartments for $800? Not many Downtown areas are this affordable.


Definitely one of the most popular by name, and probably the most expensive, Uptown Dallas apartments are right in the center of it all. If you want to be able to exit your home and then in a matter of seconds be near a plethora of shops, bars, restaurants, and an exciting nightlife, then Uptown is for you. You might never get a chance to rent an apartment with a location such as this one. Be sure to take advantage of it.

Oak Lawn

This isn’t too far from Uptown and it doesn’t have the high density of bars and restaurants. You might even call it a little more relaxed. Dallas apartments here,  are still occupied by younger residents, and there are many other options like high rises and condos. You won’t be far from popular sections of Dallas such as Downtown, the Dallas Toll Road,  and I-75. Don’t think that its any less desirable than Uptown (because it isn’t). Be sure to spend some time touring communities. There are many deals to be had,  and many expensive places that you probably might overpay for.


Although Addison is its own city, it’s centrally located, and its really a great place to settle down. With plenty of apartments to choose from around the area, you can rest assured that you will find a place that meets your needs. Addison is located adjacent to Dallas North Tollway,  and just north of 635. As a resident you will have quick access the Galleria and it will be a straight shot to downtown Dallas. If you want to have an Addison address, expect to pay in the $800’s and well north of that. Although many apartments will have their rents starting in this range, the smaller apartments are usually rented out first.

Victory Park

Not far from Downtown Dallas and the Design District, Victory Park boasts numerous residences, apartments,  restaurants, and plenty of other forms of entertainment. Notable destinations in Victory Park include American Airlines Arena,  and the House of Blues. Residents also will have access to Katy Trail. It’s a hiking, walking, jogging, and biking path that stretches on for miles. There are a limited amount of apartments to choose from in the area, but many residents say it’s well worth it! Pricing here is some of the more expensive in the city, with 1 bedroom apartments starting at $1100 and up.

More about apartment pricing around the Dallas area

Pricing is going to vary among the various neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs. Richardson and Plano and generally going to be more expensive than areas around south Dallas. Renters can secure some of the lowest pricing south of the Downtown area. Also cities west of Dallas, like Euless and Arlington have lower priced apartments that might meet your needs. With an area so large,  its best that you research neighborhoods and locations that might best meet your needs.

A large majority of Dallas apartments are now using computerized software. Gone are the days when you could contact an apartment and get a firm price that may last for weeks or more. Expect pricing to change on a daily basis. These new software programs take into accounts things like vacancy rates, move-in, move-outs, and other criteria. The good news is that many apartments in Dallas offer “live pricing” on their websites. It sure can save renters a lot of time without having to call each one about availability.

Renters should also be aware that many Dallas apartments are charging additional fees for pets, floor location, and parking options. Expect to not only put down additional monies for a pet deposit,  but also pet fees. The location of your particular apartment may also fetch a higher rate. Pool views are generally seen as more desirable. Carports and attached garages will fetch additional charges too.

Apartment Finder Dallas

Don’t have the time or not really motivated to start calling properties to check on the availability.? Why not employ the services of an apartment locator Dallas. First of all before you ask, the majority of these are completely free. An apartment finder Dallas might even personally escort you around to different communities. It’s great for people that don’t have a vehicle or are new to the area. You might be saying at this point, what’s in it for them? Well you should know that Dallas apartments will pay the locator a fee if you end up choosing one.

Need a property in a specific zip code or something with a move-in special? An apartment finder Dallas can easily filter out communities that don’t meet your specifications,  and send you options that you want.

Now that you have an idea of what Dallas is all about, it’s time to start searching for the perfect all bills paid apartments in Dallas.