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Finding Top Knox Henderson Apartments

It’s hard to keep up with all of the smaller districts in the greater Dallas area. There are many, and they each have their own personality and charm. If your a Dallas resident, ¬†you probably are well aware of how many distinct sections of town there are. And Knox Henderson is no different. So where exactly is it located? Situated east of Highland Park and north of Uptown, Knox Henderson borders both sides of the Central Expressway. Specifically on the West side of 75 you will find Knox which borders the Katy Trail. Knox Henderson apartments are abundant and pricey.

If you enjoy long walks or running, you will have 3.2 miles of trails through nearby areas like Uptown and Oaklawn. If you are an avid outdoors-man and feel that living in an urban environment prevented you enjoying natural surrounds and green-spaces, then this should be right up your alley.

On the east side of 75 lies Henderson Avenue. Here you will witness the presence of a copious patio bars, and pubs. Residents from all types of backgrounds inhabit this district. Whether you are just a regular, or are someone of high status, Knox Henderson will suit you just fine. Some of the most popular restaurants are located right here.

You will find a myriad restaurants, smaller retailers, and of course multi-family communities. If your looking to live in the heart of Dallas, this part of town might be perfect for your living situation. And you will be close to everything.

Did you know that there isn’t a DART rail station in Knox Henderson? If having access to the DART here is important then you might want to look elsewhere. Dallas is going to offer you a little bit of everything. From shopping, to concerts. to sporting events, your lifestyle won’t be limited. And with nearby parks, lakes, and and other green-spaces, there are plenty of getaways.

Popular Bars and Restaurants

Did you that Knox Henderson has some of the highest rated restaurants and bars in all of Dallas.? If you like sophisticated, trendy, and eclectic, then look no further. With plenty of coffee shops and quaint places to grab a place to eat, there is plenty to do.

If your a fan of pizza pies, then be sure to stop by Fireside Pies. It’s been around since 2004 and is right on Henderson Avenue. Pizzas are baked right in wood-fired ovens. If your not a pizza lover, there are also salads,desserts, craft beers, and fine wines for your enjoyment.

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar is just what is sounds like. You will have trouble finding something on the menu that doesn’t look good. Appetizers include items like Boudin Balls and Chili Fried Oysters. If you have a preference for southern food, then sample the braised beef shorts or gulf shrimp and grits. Chances are that there is a cruising for you in Knox Henderson.

If you head over to Yelp you can see reviews for some of the most popular rates places such as Wild about Harry’s. Dine in for some of the best hot dogs, And for dessert be sure to try the Banana Pudding Shake or Vanilla Custard.

What do rentals go for in Knox Henderson

We are glad you asked. If your searching for 1 bedroom Knox Henderson apartments, you can expect to pay in the mid $1200’s. This is one of the most desirable areas in Dallas, and pricing reflects this. It’s very competitive with it’s neighbor Uptown. You can expect apartment homes to feature upgrades and trendy amenities. AMLI at Knox Henderson not only boasts a location adjacent to highly sought after Highland Park, it is also within walking distance to Knox Park Village.

If your looking in this district you are probably aware that the rates for apartments in Knox Henderson are some of the highest in the city. And deals are not as plentiful. Renters here are looking for trendy apartment homes surrounded by retail, restaurants, and hot spots. Remember that in a tight rental market you need to have all of your credentials with you. This means the proper identification and a method of payment. If you plan on renting from a larger Knox Henderson property, you won’t need rental history. They just want to make sure you haven’t skipped out on any leases and have paid your rent on time.

Remember there are many nearby sought after neighborhoods like Highland Park, Oak Lawn, and Downtown, which are all highly desirable. If you simply can’t find the perfect Knox Henderson apartments, be sure to keep your eyes open for other nearby areas.

Why Choose Rentkids

We make it real easy here to find an apartment. We are sure you have viewed other sites like Zillow with plenty of photos and floor-plans. But what about reviews and other intangibles, including speaking with someone who is knowledgeable about the area.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s not easy to get current pricing for apartments from many of these sites. They offer more of a price range. We have live agents who you can speak with you can offer you real time pricing and person experience. So what’s stopping you?