Apartments in Atlanta GA

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Atlanta GA Neighborhood

Not many cities can claim that they have such a diverse setting complete with soaring skyscrapers, mansions, and a unique southern architecture. It’s home to major corporations, sports teams like the Braves and the Falcons, art galleries and of course it sports a diverse offering of restaurants. It won’t be hard to find your next apartment, but you should understand the neighborhoods and cities that make up this metropolis.

Atlanta encompasses a large land area and offers residents many options for their apartment needs. There are an assortment of properties to choose from and they will all offer their own features including tennis courts, stylish fitness centers, and high tech business centers. Downtown is going to offer you those Atlanta loft style communities that boast high ceilings and wood flooring. As with an city in the south, the summers are going to be blazing hot with consecutive days reaching well above 90 degrees on the thermostat. Luckily many Atlanta apartments are going to have several amenities to make you more comfortable during your stay. With resort style swimming pools complete with sun=decks and cabanas, you don’t have to fear the high temps. Many options exist, it really depends what you want in your next home, and where you want to be located.

No doubt, you probably will probably ending up loving Atlanta, it’s one of the largest cities in the entire country and chances are highly likely that it will have the activity that you covet in your life. Rest assured that there are many types of Atlanta apartments and certainly one that will fit the bill. You should know that Atlanta has several things going for it over the last decade. A strong job market, including many fortune 500 companies, extremely popular restaurants, and all the sports team you could possibly ask for make this a very popular metropolitan area. Some of the brand name American corporations that call Atlanta home include Home Depot, Coke, and CNN. The Georgia Dome is home to the Atlanta Falcons, or if your more into baseball, be sure to catch a game or two at Turner Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves. But not everyone is into sports, and that doesn’t mean that there are not any activities for you.

Be sure to visit the Atlanta Aquarium. With thousands of gallons of water, visitors can view dolphins and whales up close. This is perfect for the entire family.

If your interested in living spaces around the epicenter of Atlanta, you will be happy to know this section of town houses, astounding skyscrapers, lavish modern buildings and the Bank of America Plaza.

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Renting a Place with Pets

Atlanta is home to all types of people including families, and those just starting out on their own. And the majority of apartments in Atlanta GA are going to be pet friendly. The only requirements you have to keep your eyes open for include are pet weight limits and breed type. Many Atlanta apartments will set their limits at 35 lbs. But be sure and ask your leasing agent what their specific rules are. Just because one apartment will allow your furry friend, doesn’t mean the next one will. There is nothing worse than wasting time in any  Atlanta apartment search. If your concerned that your dog won’t have enough square footage to play, there are over 20 dog parks in the city, and chance are one of them will be not too far from your new address.

Everybody wants to know what traffic is like. It doesn’t have a subway system or the public transportation, so don’t go thinking that you won’t need a car. The truth is if your commuting from the nearby suburbs, expect lots of congestion and long commute times. If your not from Atlanta, be sure and give your commute a “test run” to see exactly what you might be dealing with.

What’s the parking situation like

All Atlanta apartments should have on-site parking. Usually they will be covered or non-covered. If you desire a parking garage, then you might have to look a little bit harder. Many apartments in Atlanta GA require assigned parking. Be sure and ask your leasing agent where guests should park their vehicles. If there aren’t enough spots, they might be relegated to the streets.

Chances are that whatever Atlanta apartments you choose, you won’t be far from some of the exciting activities and shopping opportunities that Atlanta has to offer.

atlanta skyline

Popular neighborhoods to choose from

Some of the more talked about and popular neighborhoods that you are bound to hear about include Buckhead and Midtown. These are two areas that house many spectacular Atlanta apartments that boast the features and other miscellaneous amenities that can make your stay here truly enjoyable.


Buckhead is known as one of the more luxurious portions of Atlanta and is home to large sprawling homes, as well as high end and lavish apartment homes. Many residents of the city frown upon the neighborhood as it is so exclusive that it turns many off. But if you do decide to rent Buckhead apartments, you can expect non-carpeted floors, granite counters, and of course parking garages. These communities will also accept packages when your away.


Not looking to pay the high prices of the metro area, you can secure 1 bedrooms for reasonable rates (1 bedrooms start in the 700’s) or spend much more for something lavish and luxurious. Decatur also sports plenty of shopping opportunities, a great nightlife, and offers a short commute to ATL.


Known for its prestigious university, the location here is just northeast of downtown Atlanta. Although it doesn’t sport a great nightlife scene, you won’t be far from it. Popular destinations like Bulkhead are not too far way. What you get here is a quaint neighborhood, complete with plenty of green-spaces, restaurants, and a serene lifestyle. Atlanta apartments here are going to be priced slightly more than Decatur, starting in the $800’s for a 1 bedroom.


Actually located in Buckhead, residents are in close proximity towards downtown Atlanta and provides residents with great access to the freeway system and other important thoroughfares. Don’t confuse Brookwood with Brookwood Hills, as they are two distinct areas. You will have access to many eateries that are in walking distance and even a few after hours spots. Two bedroom apartments will start in the mid $1200’s.

The Airport

With one of the country’s largest airports, its just amazing how many people actually pass through the airport. More than 95 million people pass through this airport on any given year. The good news, if you have family that is too far away to reach by car, there will be plenty of flights available that you can catch.


How much can you expect to pay? There truly are so many variables that make this question truly dependent on the area. If your on a tight budget then you will want to to consider cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Atlanta. Downtown is extremely pricey. Rents easily start in the $1200’s and up.

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