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Rentkids is a full service apartment locating company. We are here for 1 reason. That’s to find you the best deals. Our team is made up of licensed real estate agents,  also know as apartment locators.  Start by browsing the city that interests you. Our apartment finders are here to work for you; whether you need help in any of the major cities in Texas.

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Be sure and indicate how many bedrooms your searching for. This usually is anywhere from a studio all the way to a 3 or sometimes a 4 bedroom apartment home. Of course you will need to include your price range. Most apartments require that you make anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. Don’t forget about your move in date. Did you know that many apartment change their pricing based upon your move in date?

Getting to Work for You

Then we take over. Our agents have specialized software that allows us to filter through hundreds of apartments based upon a a variety of parameters. We then send you a customized list of apartments right to your email inbox. 

From there you can decide whether you love it, like it, or don’t even want to look at it. Ok we want to make sure that you find a place that works for you. We will even make calls to the apartment managers and try and find any specials or deals that you cannot.  Once you lease, you just have to make sure you write Rentkids on your application. That takes care of us. Remember than using us in no way increases your rental rate. There are no hidden charges. The apartments simply pay us a referral fee. 

When you move to cities in Texas a locator really does come in handy. You might be saying to yourself about now that you can find the perfect apartments in any city, no matter the size. And while that might be true, is that the best choice available to you? Unless you have an unlimited budget, and aren’t’ looking for any great deals, then an apartment finder might not be in the cards for you.

But if you are one of those renters that likes great deals and wants plenty of options before they sign their next lease, then an apartment finder might just be what you are looking for. 


This city might have more commercial apartments than any other in the entire country. Your going to want to have a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal. An apartment locator Houston might be your best options here. There are several neighborhoods and districts within them. Don’t forget about all of the outlying suburbs. Some of the most popular districts Midtown and the Heights. Anything in the inner loop area will be pricey. Really, the best place to start is by calling an apartment finder Houston to get the listings that are most important to you. 


Another enormous Texas mega-city. Dallas might have more suburbs and districts than Houston. If you want to be located near it all be sure and check out Uptown. It’s one of the most happening places in the entire city. The majority of apartment homes here are modern and have everything you need inside. Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, and Knox Henderson are other popular sections of Dallas with lots of apartments. The most popular suburban communities lie north of downtown. These include Plano, Addison, among many many more. 


Probably one of the most unique cities in the entire state. With its rolling hills, incredible landscapes, and sunny weather, it’s not wonder so many are flocking to the capital of Texas. It’s also a very popular city to use an apartment finder. The majority of Austin apartments will be located in the Downtown area. These communities are elegant and modern. Expect to pay high rental rates for one bedroom Austin apartment homes.

San Antonio

Home of the Alamo and the San Antonio Spurts. Another big attraction here is the Riverwalk. They great part about renting San Antonio apartments are that they are cheap. If your coming from another city or state, you might be shocked at what kind of value you can get here.

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