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Rentkids is a full service apartment locating company. We are here for 1 reason. That’s to find you the best deals. Our team is made up of licensed real estate agents. Here is what you need to do. Tell us what city you are moving to. We service:

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Be sure and indicate how many bedrooms your searching for. This usually is anywhere from a studio all the way to a 3 or sometimes a 4 bedroom apartment home. Of course you will need to include your price range. Most apartments require that you make anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. Don’t forget about your move in date. Did you know that many apartment change their pricing based upon your move in date?

Getting to Work

Then we take over. Our agents have specialized software that allows us to filter through hundreds of apartments based upon a a variety of parameters. We then send you a customized list of apartments right to your email inbox. 

From there you can decide whether you love it, like it, or don’t even want to look at it. Ok we want to make sure that you find a place that works for you. We will even make calls to the apartment managers and try and find any specials or deals that you cannot.  Once you lease, you just have to make sure you write Rentkids on your application. That takes care of us. Remember than using us in no way increases your rental rate. There are no hidden charges. The apartments simply pay us a referral fee. 

When you move to cities in Texas a locator really does come in handy. You might be saying to yourself about now that you can find the perfect apartments in any city, no matter the size. And while that might be true, is that the best choice available to you? Unless you have an unlimited budget, and aren’t’ looking for any great deals, then an apartment finder might not be in the cards for you.

But if you are one of those renters that likes great deals and wants plenty of options before they sign their next lease, then an apartment finder might just be what you are looking for. 


This city might have more commercial apartments than any other in the entire country. Your going to want to have a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal. There are several neighborhoods and districts within them. Don’t forget about all of the outlying suburbs. Some of the most popular districts Midtown and the Heights. Anything in the inner loop area will be pricey. 


Another enormous Texas mega-city. Dallas might have more suburbs and districts than Houston. If you want to be located near it all be sure and check out Uptown. It’s one of the most happening places in the entire city. The majority of apartment homes here are modern and have everything you need inside. Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, and Knox Henderson are other popular sections of Dallas with lots of apartments. The most popular suburban communities lie north of downtown. These include Plano, Addison, among many many more. 


Probably one of the most unique cities in the entire state. With its rolling hills, incredible landscapes, and sunny weather, it’s not wonder so many are flocking to the capital of Texas. It’s also a very popular city to use an apartment finder. The majority of Austin apartments will be located in the Downtown area. These communities are elegant and modern. Expect to pay high rental rates for one bedroom Austin apartment homes.

San Antonio

Home of the Alamo and the San Antonio Spurts. Another big attraction here is the Riverwalk. They great part about renting San Antonio apartments are that they are cheap. If your coming from another city or state, you might be shocked at what kind of value you can get here.

Top Texas Neighborhoods

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Tips anyone can use

Although renting apartments is easy as submitting your application and deposit, here are some tips that anyone can use before you lease your next home.

I) The majority of  management companies and landlords will run a complete background check. They are looking for rental and any criminal history, and other items like judgments from rental communities that might have been placed on your credit report.

While some apartments will work with individuals with “broken leases”, the majority will not, and this is where an apartment locator can assist you. If you know that you have a judgement or broken lease, be sure to let your leasing agent know before you apply. Remember that you can pay these latter 2 items off.  This will basically set you free.  Of course you will want proof and a receipt after you have made payment. 

II) Many renters scour websites and the periodicals for “all bills paid” residences. The majority of these will pay a portion of your bills including electricity and/or water. Many of you don’t want the hassle of having to pay additional bills,  and like the convenience of just paying your rent at the beginning of the month. But what you may not realize, the apartments just include those bills in your monthly rent. Based on your usage, you might end up paying more.

Also the majority of these types of apartments are older. Many “all bills” paid facilities were constructed in the 1970’s and earlier. So if you prefer something newer, chances are it won’t include any utilities paid options. But, these latter types of apartments are perfect for renters; and it’s very convenient. However, there aren’t many of these sorts of rental around. Be sure to contact an apartment finder who has access to all of the apartments that include bills in their rent.

III)  Which brings us to utility bills. Remember that when you rent most apartments, you will have extra bills including electricity, water, trash and other items. Cities in the south can be exceptionally hot, and unless you don’t run your a/c unit, you will experience high electricity bills in the summer months. Remember that the lower floors in the community will generally be cooler than higher floors. All bills paid properties are scarce. Using an apartment locator  can provide you will all of these latter options.

IV)  Some prospective tenants want to target apartments in specific zip codes and within school districts. Real estate agents can target zip codes, school districts, and price ranges. 

Many renters prefer to look for apartments on their own. Although they can sign a lease and move-in on their own, wouldn’t it be easier to let an apartment locator do the heavy lifting for you? After all the service is free,  and chances are a professional knows more about the  industry than someone who is a completely different occupation.

An apartment finder may also work with clients who have broken leases. If you have attempted to search for apartments that accept broken leases, you probably have struggled to find a community that will approve your application. At Rentkids, we have been very successful in placing renters that have 1 broken lease. If you have several broken leases then the process becomes much more difficult. Many apartments that accept broken leases won’t state explicitly their terms and conditions. This is exactly the situation a locator can help you resolve. 

Here is some more information about what fees the management companies are charging their residents today!

Application Fees

Almost all communities will charge an application fee. Usually this is a nominal amount (usually between $50-$65) per person. Married couples will pay more, but will need to submit just one. Some apartments will waive these fees with approved credit.


Deposits will vary based upon the apartments in question. If your renting a private house or condo, the deposit will normally be equal to one month’s rent. If your going the route of renting from a public complex, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars. It will increase based upon the number of bedrooms you are renting. And usually a portion of the deposit or the entire amount will be refundable. After you move out the manager or the staff will conduct a walk-through. If your bringing a pet with you, expect to pay an additional pet deposit as well. They will determine how much if any of the deposit you will receive. Be sure you leave a forwarding address so they can send you a check

Administration Fees

What exactly is this type of fee? This type of fee is used to re-condition your residence, prepare documents, or some other miscellaneous charge that is very common in a rental transaction. It is also in the “hundreds of dollars” range and is non-refundable.

Late Fees

Didn’t pay your rent on time? A late fee will be assessed for each month that your late. Be sure to ready your lease contract for the amount and any grace period you may have. Usually, the rent will be due on the 1st of the month. And many communities will give you the option of paying rent through an online portal.

Pets and Pet Rent

Pets the eyes of apartment communities are different based upon breed and weight. It’s best to check with the leasing agent to ascertain what the weight limits and restrictions they have in place. Each community may be entirely different. The one thing you can count on, the majority of apartments won’t allow aggressive breeds to inhabit the homes.

Pet weight is a limit set by the management company. Make sure that you ask about the maximum limits if you are bringing a pet with you.

Pet rent is an additional charge that renters will pay on top of their current monthly rent. It’s relatively new and usually is $15 or $20 per month. If your asking why you have to pay this on top of the additional pet deposit, you might want to direct the question to the manager. Many apartments are now charging pet fees in addition to a pet deposit.

Renter’s Insurance

Many communities are requiring renter’s to hold a policy. You might think that the landlord or owner is responsible for your belongings from a fire, flood, or unimaginable loss. But that’s simply not the case. Think of everything your bringing with you to your new place. That might be artwork, electronics, furniture, clothing, etc. Can you  put a value on this? Renter’s insurance will assist with the replacement of your belongings. Also if there is a fire or flood, and your place is uninhabitable, where will you go. Certain policies will cover for hotels, etc. You might be wanting to know how much a policy will cost? It’s best to contact a company but it’s not as much as you think.

Water and Trash

In addition to your monthly rent, there is water and trash that must be paid. When you set up utilities, you will be responsible for electricity, cable, and Internet. Water is a little different in this respect, and will be added based upon your usage. Normally you won’t have to contact a provider regarding your water. Usually you will simply receive a bill in the mail. Think your getting over-billed for your water usage. Your not alone. This is a chief complaint among many residents.


Did you know that you could be fined? Read your lease contract thoroughly. If you make too much noise or have a friend stay with you for an extended period of time without notifying the leasing office, it’s possible you will have to pay a penalty or in some extreme cases, you might get evicted.

Who should use an apartment finder?  The quick answer is anyone. The large majority of them are completely free. A real estate agent can also do a lot of the leg work for you. Finding specials and making phones calls is lengthy process.

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