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Proper Etiquette To Follow When Your A House Guest


Proper Etiquette To Follow When Your A House Guest

Are you going to be staying with family or friends for a few days? There are couple rules that you will want to follow. One of the biggest its, “don’t overstay”.  Let them know how long you will be staying with them. A few days may be a little long. Of course its possible that a few days is simply not enough time. You might want to treat them to dinner, or simply stay in a motel for the duration of your stay. The key point here is not to burn any bridges.

And you still need to do more. Read on for several suggestions that can make you a good house guest who will be willingly invited back anytime.

make sure to bring this…

One of the best tips to follow is to bring a gift with you. The homeowners will truly appreciate it. Present it upon your arrival. Maybe its their favorite bottle of red wine, flowers, or something personal that you know they will love. They probably won’t be expecting it and it surely will bring a smile to their face.

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leaving dirty towels…

Don’t create a mess.  Leaving your dirty laundry crumpled in the bedroom, or used towels on the bathroom floor, is not a welcoming sight. So clean up after yourself. Put your dirty closed in a hamper or back in your suitcase. Try making the bed as well.

offer to do this…

Try to offer your assistance. Maybe you can help with the cooking. If they have kids and their toys on the ground, pick them up and put them away. Even playing with their dog can go a long way. When you stay with someone, you sort of put a wrinkle in their plans.

Don’t expect them to wait on you. If you need anything, make an effort to do it on your own. This means getting your own beverage or finding sheets to make up the guest bedroom. Of course if you need assistance, it doesn’t hurt to ask where the extra towels are.


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